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Chrismas Cantates - Gebel | CD

€ 19,95 (inclusief 21% btw)

Chrismas Cantates - Gebel | CD

Weihnachtskantaten Vol.2

CPO 2011

Mein Jesu A und O Anfang und das Ende; Begebet eure
Leiber zum Opfer

Gesine Adler, Britta Schwarz, Andreas Post, Matthias Vieweg, Les Amis de Philippe, Ludger Remy

Georg Gebel`s Christmas Cantatas II

Having published Gebel`s cantatas for Boxing Day and the First Sunday after Christmas (Vol. 1, cpo 777 610-2; Vol. 2, 653 88 68), we now present his cantatas from the 1747-48 cycle that he wrote for church services on New Year`s Day and the First Sunday after Epiphany. These large-scale Christmas cantatas appear for the first time on disc. Once again, as in the St John Passion (also released by cpo), we can admire the `unparalleled` harmonies, `modern` melodies and artfully intricate counterpoint of Gebel`s distinctive and novel idiom. Gebel was an artist of genius whose tragic early death unfortunately condemned him – almost! – to oblivion. As klassik-heute. com put it (December 2010), `Gebel`s grandiose music alone is enough to make this CD an essential item in the library of every connoisseur of the Baroque`